To customize your Company Snapshot, follow these steps: From the menu bar, select Company, Company Snapshot to view the default graphs and reports. Click Add Content to view and select from additional graphs and reports, as shown here: Customize the Company Snapshot by adding or removing content.The Company Snapshot report gives you a great overview of the money coming in and going out of your business, along with the ability to compare your business to others in your industry. To access the report: Go to the Reports tab and select Company Snapshot.When I used QB 2018 I was able to customize which charts and information I wanted on the company snapshot. I cannot see any option to print the entire company snapshot in my QBO, despite the instructions that there is one. Currently, there is no way to add Company Snapshot Graphs as a new report addition to QBO Management Report template. It's a great idea. You may want to send them your feedback request. With the 2018 version, QuickBooks added a new feature called the Company Snapshot. It gives you a consolidated screen of most-important information about your company's finances. quickbooks company snapshot.If you are using QuickBooks Online for your accounting and bookkeeping, you should learn about the Company Snapshot feature and how to use it. The Snapshot feature gives you the opportunity to understand how your company is doing overall, and what you need to change for the future.Reporting business information in a graphical format is a popular alternative to multi-page reports filled with numbers. Charts and graphs create a fast and easy way to get a handle on key indicators in the business without spending lots of time. For Technical Help & Support for QB Company Snapshot Dial +1-800-301-4813


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